Friday September 24, 2021

TGIF! Although it was a short week it was a crazy one. Nothing like having a fire drill in the middle of lunch and being told they are just testing the fire alarms and that we did not have to do what we typically do during a fire drill. This afternoon after work, I wentContinue reading “Friday September 24, 2021”

Saturday September 18, 2021

It was such a nice morning at the farmers market. The weather was perfect! I’m super excited about the micro greens, lettuce, tomatoes, and other veggies that I got. I also stocked up on my new favorite salsa (talk about a spicy flavor explosion). Oh, I can’t forget about the best iced coffee (IMHO). IContinue reading “Saturday September 18, 2021”

Friday September 17, 2021

TGIF! Today has been absolutely nuts! I definitely had an anxiety attack this morning. Luckily, I have learned several breathing techniques and was able to calm down relatively quickly. Our break fast meal last night was delicious. I’m super excited for left over noodle kugel. Tomorrow afternoon my friend is coming to get a bunchContinue reading “Friday September 17, 2021”

Thursday September 16, 2021

Last night at sundown Yom Kippur began. The service on Erev Yom Kippur is called Kol Nidre. This particular service hits close to home. Kol Nidre was my mom’s favorite service. While I enjoy it too, it’s a very emotional night for many reasons. Believe it or not, Kol Nidre means “deep emotion”. This particularContinue reading “Thursday September 16, 2021”

Tuesday September 14, 2021

Last night Tropical Storm Nicolas 🌀 made landfall. I kept waking up in the wee hours of the morning to take a look outside. The wind was crazy at times and it was raining horizontally! I’m going to venture outside in a bit and just walk around my complex. Every time it rains heavily waterContinue reading “Tuesday September 14, 2021”

Sunday September 12, 2021

Yesterday afternoon I went to my friends house and hung out with her doggies for a bit. Being with her doggies was just what I needed. It was also just nice to get out of my house for a bit. This morning my friend and I floated in the pool for a bit. The weatherContinue reading “Sunday September 12, 2021”

Saturday September 11, 2021

Last night was rough! I don’t want to go into detail but let’s just say a lot of tears were shed and my anxiety was getting the best of me. I finally, (it took quite a while) was able to calm down, purge some more stuff (actually a lot of stuff, I have so manyContinue reading “Saturday September 11, 2021”

Friday September 10, 2021

TGIF! This week I began to purge things from my life/ apartment that no longer serve a purpose or that I no longer need. Decluttering is very cathartic. Last night I packed up a bag of cookbooks that I haven’t touched in over 2 years. It felt so good bringing them to school today forContinue reading “Friday September 10, 2021”

Thursday September 9, 2021

My day began very early much earlier than I would have liked! Oh well, I made the most of it. School was great! My students were so happy to be back after a very long holiday weekend. They walked in, did their morning routine, and went right to work. During lunch my head of schoolContinue reading “Thursday September 9, 2021”

Wednesday September 8, 2021

This morning I joined my friend and her doggies at the park. The weather was perfect and the sights were both beautiful and calming. Also, just being with my friend and her doggies was a great way to start my day. I definitely see more trips to the park in my future. Especially, with allContinue reading “Wednesday September 8, 2021”