Friday July 30, 2021

I just finished listening to a meditation talk on YouTube. This particular talk was done by a good friend and it was a series of “I am statements”. I have had a lot of negative feelings about myself lately, so this was just what I needed to listen to. I went to bed early lastContinue reading “Friday July 30, 2021”

Question of the Day: July 13, 2021

Well, I have been up for several hours. I have no idea why my body is fighting sleep but it currently is. Actually, stress has a lot to do with my lack of sleep. It is what it is I guess. However, I am going to make today great! I am tutoring in about anContinue reading “Question of the Day: July 13, 2021”

Question of the Day: July 12, 2021

Yesterday was simply amazing! I love my tattoo so much! I definitely had butterflies in my stomach leading up until the time I was sitting in the chair. Once I sat in the actual tattoo chair I was able to relax completely. On a scale from 1-10 I would say the pain of getting myContinue reading “Question of the Day: July 12, 2021”