Thursday August 19, 2021

Today all of my students were at school today. You see, returning students always start a day before new students so that they have a day in a familiar environment before new students enter the classroom. It really is a good system. There were several tears today and many hugs were given but for theContinue reading “Thursday August 19, 2021”

Sunday August 1, 2021

Hello August! How did you get here so fast? Seriously, this year is flying by! I am super sad this morning! Hopefully, I will feel better in a bit. I absolutely hate feeling like this! Why am I sad? Well, last night I found out that two of my former students and their parents haveContinue reading “Sunday August 1, 2021”

Friday July 30, 2021

I just finished listening to a meditation talk on YouTube. This particular talk was done by a good friend and it was a series of “I am statements”. I have had a lot of negative feelings about myself lately, so this was just what I needed to listen to. I went to bed early lastContinue reading “Friday July 30, 2021”

Monday July 26, 2021

It is so hard to believe that August is almost upon us. I had yet another restless/sleepless night. This coming Saturday, one of my super talented friends is hosting a tie-dye workshop. Michelle is the queen when it comes to all things tie-dye! I’m super excited that we get to each make to two shirts.Continue reading “Monday July 26, 2021”